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Gender Reveal: Baby #3!

Gender Reveal: Baby #3!


Oh. em. gee. 

I'm about to tell yall how this all went down if you can stand to "listen" to me for that long, lol, but lemme tell ya...this has been A LONG TIME COMING!

Before I jump into storytime, we are SO excited to share with you that...

...BABY #3 IS A...BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

gender reveal
gender reveal

Don't they look thrilled?! haha!


Honestly, my feeling was a girl and so was my husbands, so we were totally wrong on that call! We are seriously so thrilled to be having another baby boy, and the kids are too.

At first, we thought Kinley would be upset because she was rooting for a girl the entire time, but she happily accepted "boy" and moved on! I'm pretty sure Caleb just has no idea what's about to happen still, lol. He's just going with the flow for now!

Okay, here's the real story...if you're ready for it!

Apparently, pregnant moms can get a BLOOD test now at 10 weeks that tells you the sex of the baby. Like. What?! Still don't understand how they can draw MY blood and determine the sex of the baby...but okay, that's really cool. Seriously, science is a crazy thing!!

So...of course, when my husband and I found this information out, we HAD to know as soon as possible. 

I don't want you to think I was lying to you, because yes...we have known we were having a boy since Week 12 (the results took about two weeks to come back).  Honestly my husband and I went back and forth about sharing this news with anyone.

It seems that everything I do is so public these days with social media and my blog (not a bad thing and totally my choice, I know!) that we wondered if the gender was something we wanted to keep private, too...

I wanted to respect his decision if he truly did want to keep it to ourselves, but I was more like "LET'S SHARE!!!!"

Well, my husband is not a very good secret keeper, lol, and he made the mistake of telling our five-year-old daughter that the baby was a boy when we found out. I knew it was only a matter of time before she told somebody because five-year-olds cannot keep secrets, I mean...it's just not part of their nature. Bless her. 

So, of course, when people would ask her "Do you think you're having a brother or a sister?" asking her opinion...she very seriously said "Brother."

And then the secret was out.

She told my best friend over Facetime and my sister in person, so they actually knew sooner and kept it a secret for a while while we decided if we wanted to share or not, and then I just knew we had to tell everyone out of fairness. 

It was actually getting hard for me not to slip-up and I did one time with our good friends & neighbors, and ended up getting called out on it, so then of course, we had to share it with them too :) 

Bottom line is...I can keep secrets that are important and out of goodness and respect for those who tell me to keep a secret. But dang, the sex of the baby is HARD TO KEEP A SECRET! lol

Whew! So that's how it all went down, sort of odd, I know. But this is our life and I love sharing it with you all, so I thought maybe some of you might enjoy hearing it.

We have decided that we are keeping the name a secret, and NO I promise we do not know the name yet!!! We should probably get to that soon, since January will be here before we know it! My hubby thinks he found a name that he likes and I'm still the fence about it, so we will see. Names are such a big deal and SO hard to agree on.. am I right?!? Ugh. 

So, the tiebreaker baby is a boy and now Kinley and I are outnumbered! My hubby surprisingly wanted a girl more than I did and casually mentioned baby #4 in conversation the other day and my jaw about hit the floor. I was planning on getting my tubes tied with this one, but I guess we will leave that open for now. There is just something about a daddy and his little girl. I get it. 

We are very blessed and EXCITED for baby boy to be here in January! I am feeling 100% better and pretty much able to eat mostly everything now without any food aversions. I have felt the baby move more and more in the past week or so, and it is seriously THE BEST feeling. I can't wait to meet him!

If you stuck with me this far, thanks for following along.

I hope y'all have a great weekend and stay tuned for more blog posts. I have seriously missed it ALOT! 

Comment below on what you want to see more of from me. I have stepped away from fashion for a bit during pregnancy because NOTHING fits and I'm too cheap to buy maternity clothes, but curious if yall want to see anything in particular? Sidenote: I do plan to get back into fashion AFTER pregnancy :) 

More kid stuff? More lifestyle posts? Positivity posts? Organization posts? Any ideas for me? Comment below if so, because I'd love to hear! 



xoxo, jodi


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