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We're Pregnant with Baby #3!!!

We're Pregnant with Baby #3!!!

Picture of baby #3 at 12 weeks! Hi baby! We can't wait to meet you!!!

Picture of baby #3 at 12 weeks! Hi baby! We can't wait to meet you!!!


I don't know another way to start this...other than to just dive in and say WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!! This is baby #3 and we are super excited! With Kinley starting kindergarten this year, and Caleb turning three, the timing felt right, although this was a bit of a surprise for us!

Since I only started the blog about a year ago, this will be the first pregnancy that I am actually documenting ON the blog, which is very special to me. 

Not only are we pregnant, but we are almost HALFWAY there. Lol, I know, I have been doing a pretty crummy job of keeping up with the blog lately, and I do apologize for that. I am going to get back into a routine once both kids are back in school! 

I am 19 weeks this week and feeling good! Although I was feeling pretty awful in the beginning (tons of nausea and vomiting from week 6-15), I'm just now getting my energy back and all the yuckiness has subsided. Besides a few other odd things, which I'll talk about later. 

I wanted to do a Q&A on this post, so about a week ago, I asked you guys on Instagram if you had any questions you'd like me to answer and I got some fun ones back! Soo...


Question: Were we trying? 

Answer: Sort of. Let me elaborate.

I always wanted a third and my husband was "okay" with just two since we had a healthy boy and a healthy girl.  Although I was very happy with our two, I felt like I wasn't done and wanted one more. I come from a family of three, and always wanted AT LEAST three. Since we were in disagreement, we decided to "try" for about three months and just see what happened. We figured if it was meant to be, then it would happen...and if it wasn't' meant to be, then it wouldn't. Logical, right? LOL, this was back in April. 

So we tried for one month....(not very aggressively) lol sorry if TMI. Well, it turns out it happened in the first month of trying!!! I actually found out I was pregnant ON my son's third birthday (May 8) and I was about 5 weeks along at that point. I DID NOT expect it to happen that quickly, and although we both knew it could happen, I didn't think either of us thought it would...and certainly not that fast.  

With Kinley (my oldest), we were completely surprised as I had just come off birth control and thought it would take "months" for my cycle to adjust, and with Caleb, it had taken about four months of "trying" before we became pregnant. I also had an early miscarriage before I had Caleb. I haven't shared that publicly until now and it was VERY hard for us. We had to wait three months before trying again and another four before we actually got pregnant again. He was worth the wait, though ;) 

Question: How'd you find out?

Answer: I peed on a stick, lol

In all seriousness though, even though we were actively trying...... I still didn't think it would happen. Probably because it took a long(er) time to happen with Caleb, and because I'm a bit older (I'm 32 now)....I think I had this idea that it FOR SURE wouldn't happen the first month. Well, I was obviously wrong!!!

I had worked the night before and I remember having a cup of coffee at work on my night shift at about 0500 (that's military time and what us nurses do lol) and it was weird but it hit me then. I was like, wait I might have to cut back on my caffeine, cuz there's actually a chance I could be pregnant. Then I started thinking back to when my last period was and realized I was about a week late. 

I never "felt" pregnant with this one at this time. With the other two, I felt "off", but this one I literally had no early symptoms at 5 weeks. (nausea started at 6 weeks full force!) 

I got home from work that morning and after buying a pregnancy test at CVS, I went home and peed on a stick.

Positive within less than a minute.

Oh shit. Oh yay. Wait is that really a second line? It is kind of faint...LOL.

I was a mix of emotions. I KNEW I was pregnant after the test. My husband was on a plant turnaround, and also working overnights, but had that morning off since I had worked the night before. 

He was up having breakfast and I didn't know another way to tell him other than throwing the stick in front of him and say "LOOK!!!" So, that's what I did. I was excited to see his reaction because he was the one who wasn't sure if he wanted a third. 

He looked at it and said OH MY! My husband is not a very expressive person and does not show emotions very easily. In short, he has a good poker face. Of course, since I know him well, I could tell he was shocked, but also excited. We both hugged right there in the kitchen with the positive pregnancy test laying on the counter, and that's how it went down. 

Question: Are your kids excited?

Answer: Yes!!!

We told them after the 12-week ultrasound when the chance of miscarriage goes down because I wanted to make sure of a healthy pregnancy before we told them. The night we told Kinley, she ran up to the "babies room" and started getting ready for when the baby comes. She put blankets & stuffed animals in there. (We will have to tell her about crib safety soon!) It was so cute how excited she was! Caleb didn't quite get it, and although he knows there's a baby in mommy's tummy, I'm not sure he completely understands what is about to happen come January. 

Question: Best advice for those trying to get pregnant?

Answer: I'm no expert, but I can offer a few tips!

My first tip is to NOT stress out about it, and just have fun! Stress can have more of an impact than you think, and I was so stressed out that we were NOT going to be able to get pregnant with Caleb again, after the miscarriage, that I honestly believe that's why it took longer. You really can't control it that much anyway, so what's the point in worrying if it's going to happen or not? I wish I wouldn't have stressed out so much about it with Caleb. 

My second tip is to find the time when you ovulate and "try" every other day or every three days during that time. There are several apps on when to try based on ovulation time, and if you're super in-tune with your body, you'll be able to tell. When the time is "go time", my personal advice is to try to conceive every OTHER day....its actually best for the sperm to build up and take a "rest" lol. I know it sounds silly. If you try EVERY SINGLE day, it doesn't give it a chance to build up. I heard this advice from several OBGYN's I used to work with and never forgot it. Every day is too much. Bottom line, lol.

Remember, sometimes it takes a few months (or even longer). I know it can get disappointing when you're trying and you DON"T get those positive tests, but try not to get down on yourself and again...JUST HAVE FUN!

***Always listen to your doctor for advice on how to conceive, and how long you should wait to intervene/or try other options. I am no medical expert! ***

Question: How are you feeling?

Answer: Much better...now

I had nausea every day, pretty much all day long from weeks 6-15. It was awful. One time I threw up 15 times in one day, and I pretty much never went a day without throwing up at least one. It was super hard to take care of the kids while feeling this way, and plus they were out of school and with me, all day, every day, and of course I had feelings of guilt because I couldn't' do much with them at all. They pretty much entertained each other.

I had to give up coffee because the thought of it made me want to throw up, and y'all KNOW I love my coffee. I have been able to drink it now for about a month, GOD BLESS!!!

I have had a few other weird pregnancy symptoms like itchy/tender boobs, food aversions, and cravings, but nothing major besides nausea in the beginning. I'm just super thankful to be feeling better now!

Question: Any food cravings?

Answer: I've had some strange ones!

Mostly plain noodles with butter. I still can't handle things with a lot of seasoning or spice.

Egg + Peanut butter toast (sounds super disgusting but its actually really good!)

Green beans with parmesan cheese lol!

I was craving fast-food hamburgers in my first trimester, but now the thought of them makes me super nauseous.

Fruit. Grapes, oranges, strawberries. 

Popcorn. With lots of butter. lol

My cravings really change from day-to-day. It's weird.

Question: Are you going to find out what you're having?

Answer: Yes!!

Neither my husband or I can stand surprises, so YES we are finding out! We actually find out next week with our big anatomy scan and are SO excited for the tiebreaker! Any guesses?!?!?

Question: How do you feel about handling three kids?

Answer: Scared!! lol

Ha! Seriously. Now Adam & I are going to be outnumbered, so I feel like this is a huge deal. I do think Kinely (and even Caleb) will be a big help to us, so that will help. Kinley is getting more and more independent each day, so she is pretty easy these days.  I just want to make sure I'm dividing my attention between all of them evenly, and I think it's so important for each one to have their "alone time" with each parent, if possible. It'll definitely be an adjustment for all of us, but we will adjust! We really don't have a choice now, lol. 

Question: Are you exercising?

Answer: No. 

So, I wasn't able to finish the BBG program that I so DESPERATELY wanted to, because A LOT of you were actually doing it with me. I got to around Week 9 and found out I was pregnant and then nausea hit, so I wasn't able to continue. I am MISSING it, and MISSING exercising in general. I have started walking a little bit, and plan to do that for the rest of my pregnancy. 

I apologize to those who started BBG and expected me to finish with them. It was really something I wanted to do the full 12 weeks, but literally COULD NOT. I hope y'all can understand, and I know some of you guys finished and absolutely loved/hated it lol, so YAY! You are AMAZING!!!

That's all for now, folks!

Right now, I'm really just praying for a healthy baby and a safe delivery for mom & baby. I know it's such a blessing to be able to carry a baby, and I do not take that job lightly or take it for granted. Pregnancy is really an amazing thing. Although I get frustrated and upset with how my body looks right now and that nothing fits, or how I'm feeling, I promise I am super thankful to God for blessing us with this baby. I know it was his plan for us, and we will welcome this baby into our family with loving arms. Any and all prayers/positive vibes are welcome! Being a NICU nurse, and seeing the worst of the worst has had me nervous with ALL my pregnancies right up until the end. 

I will have a c-section with this one, since I have had those with my previous tow, so unless baby comes earlier than the scheduled date, we will know the day he/she comes. My due date is January 9th, which is actually Kinley's birthday!! She's super pumped to "share" her birthday with the baby!

I hope y'all have had a good summer, and I'm super excited for fall to start and for the weather to start cooling off again! Anyone else? If you have a specific question about this pregnancy or any comments about YOUR pregnancies in general, let me know below. I'd love to answer them and/or hear your stories, too!

xoxo, jodi






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