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My Thoughts on Taking A Month Off of Blogging

My Thoughts on Taking A Month Off of Blogging

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taking a break from blogging
taking a break from blogging
taking a break from blogging
taking a break from blogging
taking a break from blogging
taking a break from blogging
taking a break from blogging

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The Outfit:

Before we jump into the nitty gritty, let's talk about the outfit. I found the top at Goodwill for $3, and it was actually a dress! I was majorly obsessed with the back of it (can you blame me?) but not so crazy about the length of the dress, so I took a good ol' pair of kitchen scissors and snipped it into a shirt! Yikes!

I have zero regrets, since I never would have worn it as a dress. It almost looks like a bodysuit now, and you guys know how obsessed I am with those! The jeans are a fave here (limited sizing) and the shoes are from Zara (unavailable online).

the nitty gritty:

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I wrote my last blog post! Why do I feel the need to apologize to you guys? I feel like I've left you hanging, and you guys are probably completely confused on where I've been and what I've been doing. I'm about to break it down for you in this post...so keep on reading for all the details!

Let me start by saying....blogging has been such a blessing in my life. It has introduced me to an amazing network of people, both online and in person! It has seriously been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Once I started a year ago, I knew I made the right decision within days of launching. It's SO much an outlet for me where I can pour my feelings and my thoughts into words (and videos) and that has been SO therapeutic for me in a weird way. 

Let me ALSO say blogging has been one of the most stressful things I've had to do in my life. It takes a ton of TIME, ENERGY, DETERMINATION, STAMINA, CONSISTENCY (which I've been slacking at lately), PATIENCE, KNOWLDEDGE and soooo much more! 

While posting daily on Instagram and weekly on the blog certainly was fun and exhilarating, I was beginning to feel like my family needs were suffering...And they were. My house was a disaster most of the time, groceries were always running low and as sad as this sounds, my kids (and husband) were telling me I was spending too much time on my phone. That doesn't make a girl feel good. I knew I needed a change, or a break. OR BOTH. 

I took a much-needed break for a month and only felt a little guilty about it....(ahh, the guilt again.)

I felt bad mostly because I felt like I was letting down you guys...

I'm such a people pleaser; it's just part of my nature. I really can't help it. 

But you know what I realized?

I need to take care of myself first and foremost.

Basically, I needed to shift my priorities. And guys, this is NOT easy for me to say or admit. But my priorities were not where I wanted them to be. 

And...I need to take care of my family. 

Another thing: Blogging was feeling like a chore. Posting to IG was feeling overwhelming. And things are not fun (or authentic) when they're being forced. It was beginning to feel like a job, and that was NOT why I started the blog.

In simple terms....I needed a break. I was getting burnt out.

So what'd I do?

I basically went into hibernation for a month, and didn't post much on Instagram, didn't post on the blog at all, didn't really meet up with friends, and just kept to myself. 

by doing this, i got myself in a funk... 

...Which was okay for a while, and then I started to go stir crazy. 

I realized I needed to "find" myself again. I guess you could say I had an identity crisis. I don't know another way to put it. 

I wasn't working out (100% NOT me), I wasn't eating right (also 100% not me!) and I was flat out, being pretty lazy. 

As someone who has struggled with mostly anxiety and a touch of depression in the past, I knew I needed to bring myself out of it! I was definitely feeling "down". I wouldn't say depressed, but my mood was not where it should have been.

I'm so glad I had this epiphany of needing to find myself, because I truly feel like I'm on track to do things on MY terms now. I mean, I was always the one in control, but now I feel like I have gained a better sense of that control...and really understand when I need and don't need a break for my mental state. 

So, what's going to change around here? 

As far as the blog goes, I'm not changing much about it, other than, I will post more quality content (which may be more infrequent) vs posting "just to post". I think people appreciate quality > content anyways when it comes to reading.

I'm also going to be more vulnerable and open in my posts and about my feelings. I want you guys to learn the real me. When we are 100% honest with our feelings, that is when growth happens. If we can't be honest with ourselves, then who can we be honest with?

I'm still going to shoot outfit posts, but just look for my posts to have more depth to them and for me to be open about my feelings.

In the future, I'd actually love to talk about feelings a lot more often, because I know if I feel something, chances are there is someone out there who feels the exact same way. And helping someone in that way is WAY more important to me, than helping someone pick out an outfit (which is still fun, but you catch my drift, right?)

I want to be 100% myself, 100% vulnerable, 100% real and really go places with our feelings where people don't usually go, mostly because of fear. 

So how did I break my funk? 

I'm still working my way out of it, but I've started meeting up more with friends and neighbors, workout out 3-5 days/week, and trying to eat right again. It also helps that my husband is out of his turnaround now, and can be home with us and help out around the house and with the kids. For six weeks, I did it all ALONE. 

I'm also purchasing this book (less than $10) because I need the Lord in my life right now. It has great reviews and came recommended by a friend (thanks, Stephania!) It is short paragraphs that you read daily that can really help with your mood. Super excited to start!

I'm also purchasing this book, which I've heard amazing things about to help get me motivated on my new business opportunity!

Soo...yes. If you haven't heard I started my own business with Rodan and Fields and am SUPER excited to start! I've already been using the products and telling everyone about how much I love them, so I figured since I was ALREADY doing it, I would go ahead and take a leap and just go for it!  

Remember when I said fear is the biggest thing that holds us back? I decided to tackle fear HEAD ON, and I'm already getting signs that it was 100% the right decision for me to make! 

If I can help you with ANY of your skincare needs, OR if you're looking to join an amazing company to make some extra cash every month, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I promise I'm not a cheesy sales guy ;) and I'd love to explain more!

Take a free skin care assessment here if you have 2 minutes to find out the solution to your biggest skincare issues! Just click "Start Consultation" to begin!

So bottom line, guys. Take care of yourselves.

Take care of your families. If you happen to get burnt out on something, TAKE A BREAK! It's that simple. If you're in a FUNK, find yourself. What do you enjoy? Where do your morals lie? Who are you? Think of what you know of yourself, and do that. 

I'm about to get REAL, so just hang tight! This will be a fun, crazy and maybe slightly emotional ride. 

I'd love to know how you get out of your funks and/or how do you keep yourself from getting burnt out on something (whether it's your job, or any other task that you spend a lot of time doing)? Comment below! Let's all help each other out.

Thanks for "listening", guys. This post has already been therapeutic for me to write, and I hope it helped some of you too! 

Much love....always.

Stay amazing!






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