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Hey Jode Lately: April 2018

Hey Jode Lately: April 2018

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hey jode lately
hey jode lately

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Hey friends! 

I'm SO excited to be doing the April edition of my HEY JODE LATELY series! Are y'all liking these? Give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down at the end of the post. 


5/1/18 at 12:07 pm. Wow. How is it already May 1st?! I just finished a quick lunch (eggs and bacon, lol) after shooting some looks with one of my blogger friends Margret and now I'm hurrying to finish this before I go pick the kids up at 1:30 from preschool. I'm curled up in my bed! I like to be comfy and cozy with a blanket on when I blog. Desks don't do it for me. Anyone else feel me?


I think most of you know that I'm a NICU nurse and I started a new job in January. I'm LOVING it so far and I'm also loving the fact that I only work once a week. It has allowed me to take better care of the house and spend more time with kids and hubby. Plus my weekend requirements are very low, so I'm off almost every weekend, which is great to have some quality family time since Adam's hours are very long at his job.

I don't think I could completely quit nursing, because I feel so fulfilled after leaving my job in the morning. I truly love that feeling of accomplishment, so I think I will always want to stay working very part-time hours. At least for now...

It has been an adjustment finding things to do in my downtime, but I have been cleaning and cooking more (what?!?) which is totally unlike me, lol! But I've been trying to enjoy it more (aka blasting music all over the entire house while cleaning lol).

I'm also planning to do a spring-cleaning session and start organizing the house. Things are just starting to take up space and clutter. Ugh. Gives me a headache thinking about it, but it NEEDS to be done! Currently taking suggestions (and help). :) 

I've also had a good amount of time to spend towards the blog and making it my own brand. Did you guys notice I sprinkled some color onto the pages and added some fun-colored fonts?! 


It seems as if I've been talking about my husband starting his turnaround forever now, but he officially starts on Monday. We won't see him much after that at all, except in passing when he's leaving for work. 

My mom is coming to see us in two weeks! She just retired and has some free time, and scored some SUPER cheap plane tickets down here, so we are SO excited she is coming to see us!

My parents live in Iowa and although we see them a few times a year, it's still really hard for them to live so far away from them. My in-laws are in Iowa, too. Time with them is the absolute best! The kids are already asking me how many days until Mimi comes ;) 

Caleb will turn THREE on May 8! Wow, that's coming up sooo fast. We are going to celebrate it early due to the fact that my hubby will be in his turnaround during his birthday :(

Fun fact: I had Caleb two days before Mother's Day in 2015 and it was the BEST Mother's Day gift I could have ever asked for. I remember staying with him in the hospital that night holding him ON Mother's Day with tears streaming down my face wondering how I could be so lucky. I'll never forget that moment. 

Alongside my baby turning three...my other (older) baby, Kinley, registers for kindergareten this week. Like, what?! Excuse me. How in the HECK did THAT happen? I'll go cry in my closet now.....No, but really, I will be a hot mess express sending her off for her first day, but I really feel like she is ready for kindergarten and I'm excited for her! She has turned into quite the little-big girl lately and I just love her to pieces. She can have a full-on grown-up conversation with me and it throws me off sometimes.

Mommies- Don't blink, because your babies will grow up right before your eyes.I hate saying that because it's so cliche, but its sooo true. 

hey jode lately
hey jode lately
hey jode lately


Ahh, the beloved fitness category. Well, I'm still holding strong in BBG! I'm on Week 8 this week. I'm determined to finish it to Week 12 this time around and am even thinking of doing weeks 13-25 afterwards! We'll see. I'm not promising anything :) 

Although I haven't seen quite the results I wanted to (I'm not disappointed in myself, just being honest), I am proud of myself for sticking with the routine for this long. I have not lost any weight with the program, but I have noticed myself getting stronger and firmer, so that's a plus! 

If you don't know what BBG is or you want to read about it, I wrote one post about it here last spring and another post about it here where tell you exactly what you need to start BBG! Go ahead and check them both out if you haven't or you're curious about the program.


I still haven't been buying too many clothes lately, which has been nice for my bank account (yay) but not really feeding the shopping addiction, if ya know what I mean...Ha!  I've been continuing to mix and match items from my closet to come up with some different outfits, and it's still seeming to work well still!

I recently found a couple of online factory stores that have some REALLY GOOD DEALS right now! Shop them HERE and HERE if you're up for finding a bargain! Most things are at least 50% off! Love me some factory stores!

I've also been loving headwraps and headbands lately! I feel like they're such a fun way to spruce up an outfit. Loving this one and this one (both under $4 and would be perfect for the pool or beach, too)


Started reading a new book, which is all about how to discover your own personal style. If you feel like you struggle in this area, this book will REALLY help you build a curated wardrobe and help you find your very own style. Be prepared to do some homework, but this book has some great information and it's under $15. I've learned soooo much already!

The kids and I have also just been sitting outside on our lawnchairs lately, since it's been nice out! When the suns hits my shoulders, I'm a happy camper :) This is such an easy way to relax and I've been enjoying it while the kids play outside. Remember: Self-care does not have to be expensive!

hey jode lately
hey jode lately
hey jode lately


I feel like I maybe shouldn't be promoting this because I do blog about health and fitness but YALL. If you haven't tried this cookie butter, you're legit missing out. It has changed my life. Well, not changed my life...but it is seriously one of the best things I've tasted. We eat it with animal crackers, apples, pretzels, bananas, heck anything!!! My kids love it too! I'm not telling you it's healthy, just a good snack. Use sparingly!!!

I just downloaded a new app called "Moment" on my phone and it tracks the amount of time spent on my phone. Turns out, I was spending wayyy too much time on it and needed to set a limit. If you want to check your phone usage out, download the app for free. You can also set daily limits (for a small upgrade of $3.99). Totally worth it and I feel like I've good a good handle on it now, thanks to the app. 


My goals lately seem to be related to the blog lately, and I really am trying to work with more brands for the rest of 2018. I have a list of brands that I would LOOOOVE to work with and am going to try to do what I can to work with them. They are brands that I truly love already, and I know you all would too!

I'm also trying to build my email list! If you're not subscribed, you can subscribe here. I don't spam or flood your inbox with emails. I send one out weekly and it's usually a life update, although lately, I've been getting pretty personal over there in the email world. So check me out, mmmkay!?


Solar panels! Okay, I didn't just discover them. But, my hubby and I are SERIOUSLY considering them for our home. If you have anything to say about them or if you have them yourself/know someone who does, TALK TO ME! I want to hear your thoughts on them. 

OTHER THOUGHTS for the week:

1. Don't take yourself too seriously. Laugh often. It's good for the soul!

2. Schedule some screen-free time this week or weekend and see how you feel!

3. Act more like a kid. Be curious, ask questions and see the world as a place to EXPLORE!

4. Compliment one person this week who you think might need it. You will probably make their day!

5. Try something new in terms of style, makeup, or hair. It's great to experiment!

I seriously hope you guys are having the best week so far and that you are still enjoying my series. Let me know in the comments below, will you? What have you all been UP TO LATELY?!? 

xoxo, jodi












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