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My One Piece of Advice for New Bloggers + I've Been Blogging for One Year!

My One Piece of Advice for New Bloggers + I've Been Blogging for One Year!

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my one piece of advice for new bloggers
my one piece of advice for new bloggers
my one piece of advice for new bloggers
my one piece of advice for new bloggers

OUTFIT DETAILS | Top: Zara (similar, similar) | Jeans: Abercrombie | Round Purse: Kohls (similar, similar) | Nude heels: DSW

Wow, guys.

It's been one year since I hit "publish" on my first blog post. 

You can read my very first post here.

It was literally a mirror selfie that I took (yasss!) 

Before I begin...Let me start out by saying I am NO expert and am solely giving y'all the advice in this post based on MY EXPERIENCE and what I have learned along the way. So, while I think you should take my advice...everyone's path is different and what works for one person may not work for another!


Let me take you through my thoughts on when I decided to start a blog, and then I'll be sharing my ONE BIG TAKEAWAY from blogging (plus a bonus at the end!)

I'm sharing with you the one piece of advice that I think will be most beneficial to the person who has ever wanted to start a blog or to the new blogger who already has!

Now, of course I have learned a TON of stuff!!! I didn't want to make a big long list of EVERYTHING I have learned, because there is literally a million things I've learned this past year, but rather...I want to go into depth on this one topic. 

To say this year has been one helluva ride is an understatement.

It's been good, don't get me wrong. But it has been a mix of emotions from the very start!

Rewind one year ago...I had been thinking of starting a blog for awhile, and once I finally decided to just do it, my mind was made up. I was gonna do it. 

But that pesky little voice inside my head questioned my decision...

But what if people don't want to hear what I have to say? What if I have nothing to write about? What if people talk about me behind my back?

All of these what if's...That little tiny (negative) voice speaking to me.....which still visits me from time to time, by the way!

And then that positive voice came into my head...

  • But what if.....people heard you...and actually listened to you

  • What if...you inspired people through fashion and style?

  • What if....you helped someone through a tough time?

  • What if...you made them realize every day is not perfect, and that's okay?

  • What if...you showed them it is possible to work, to be a mom, to have a side passion, to be confident in themselves?

  • What if you made a difference in someones life?

  • What if you were just "you"?

And there you had it, people. HEY JODE was started one year ago because I decided to listen to the positive voice instead of that pesky negative one inside my head!

The rest is history...So when i tell you just go for it, just go for it!

Because #whynot


my one piece of advice for new bloggers
my one piece of advice for new bloggers
my one piece of advice for new bloggers
my one piece of advice for new bloggers

My One Piece of Advice for New Bloggers:

I'm going to just cut to the chase here, and just say it.

My best piece of advice I can offer to new bloggers is:

Be yourself.

I know that might be boring and silly and you might be thinking....I am myself. What kind of advice is this? Really, Jodi?

Okay, Okay. Hear me out.

But...Are you REALLY being yourself?

When people meet you in person, is that who you are "online"?

Let's have a chat...

You are your own person and NOBODY else is like you.

Read that again. And, again. 

Now start to believe it.

That is suuuper special, guys!

Nobody else has the ability to offer the world what YOU have to offer the world. Find out WHAT you have to offer the world. And do that. In your own way.

Don't be discouraged if you don't know exactly what you have to offer right away. THIS TAKES TIME. It has taken me over a year, and quite honestly, I'm still trying to figure it out. 

For me, I have found that people are inspired by HOW I DO IT ALL (work, blog, "mom", etc.), by how I mix and match clothing in ways you may not have thought, by how I find good deals, by how I don't have one defined style, by how I stay positive (but also very real.)

Those are some of the things I have learned people like about me. And guess what? All of that is very "me."

It feels right.  

Being yourself means not copycatting other influencers and bloggers and doing what works for them and their audience. (This is different than getting inspiration from other bloggers, because you TOTALLY should be doing that.) 

Example: For me, not every outfit I post is shoppable. And that's okay. It's not me. Does it work for some bloggers? Of course! And that's great! Because they're good at that! I'll let them do that.

Being yourself means being AUTHENTIC to you. Authenticity should not feel like work. It should come natural. It should just feel right. 

I'm often amazed at how some people find the biggest takeaways from me when I tell them things that I thought were common knowledge and simple, and I'm all like, "Really? I thought that was something everyone knew"...Well, guess what? They don't. And that's part of being authentic. Being you. It doesn't feel like work because IT'S YOU. And it just comes natural.

Being yourself means being TRUE to yourself and being comforable in your own skin.

I laugh at my own mistakes.  I call myself out. I admit when I'm wrong (and apologize for it.) I admit I can be super weird and awkward at times, and that's okay. It's me. I'm not perfect. And neither are your readers. They want someone who's RELATEABLE. 

When you're relateable, you build trust. And people will start to gravitate towards you when they trust you.

Being yourself means believing in yourself. If you don't belive in yourself...then who will? Probably not your audience. Always believe in yourself FIRST.

Being yourself means not losing yourself in the blogging process. While the blogging world can be exciting, fun and challenging...It can also be discouraging, frustrating, lonely, and downright hard work! Don't lose "you" in the process of blogging. Embrace youself and let "you" shine through!

One thing I've discovered about myself is: I LOVE TO SMILE! When I first starting blogging, I thought I needed to pose without smiling. Then I started to learn that I felt more comfortable smiling in front of the camera, and guess what? Other people liked my smile, too! Now, almost all pictures I post are of me....smiling :) 

Carry your personality, your beliefs, what you stand for, what you want to share with the world....carry it all through your blog, so it is this big massive place of YOU that you are wanting to share with the world!

You got this, babe! 

I believe in YOU. Do you believe in you?

If you're new to blogging, I encourage you to write down 3-5 ideas that you feel like you are "good at" and that feels authentic and genuine. If you're having trouble, ask a friend or family member...sometimes they can help us figure out ourselves when we are struggling!

Psst....Keep reading for bonus info!

my one piece of advice for new bloggers
my one piece of advice for new bloggers
my one piece of advice for new bloggers

What?! Did you say a bonus?!

Yes. As a bonus, I have included five tips that I DON'T recommend you do in the first year of blogging. This will come as a PDF and you can dowload and print or just read for your convenience. Again, I had a lot of ideas for this, but these were the five things that I felt were most important. Are you making these mistakes?

For my bloggers, what's the most important thing you've learned during the entire blogging process? I'd love to know!

xoxo, jodi







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