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One of My Favorite Ways to Practice Self-Care

One of My Favorite Ways to Practice Self-Care

Hey guys!

This is a rare Saturday morning blog post for me, but I wanted to share with you one of my favorite ways to practice self-care! Self-care is so important because it produces positive feelings and boosts confidence and self-esteem. It's quite simply, taking care of yourself. Sounds easy, right? It's not that easy...especially if you struggle to treat yourself, and a little bit of attention can seem like a lot of work.

My advice is to start with one small thing you can do to take care of yourself. I understand there may be a lot of areas that we all want to care for ourselves better, but by choosing one activity, it can seem less overwhelming.

One of my favorite self-care activities is getting my hair done at the salon. I mean, who doesn't love someone brushing and washing their hair?!?!  And then when you come out of the salon looking like a million bucks, um HELLO! It truly is one of my favorite ways to treat myself.

Josephine's Day Spa & Salon at the Eldridge Location in Houston was nice enough to bring me in and treat me to a cut and color, and I wanted to show yall my before and after pictures and why I love getting my hair done as a healthy self-care activity.

First off, the salon was so beautiful inside! Everything was brand new since the original had flooded during Hurricane Harvey. They offered me the BEST fruit-infused water (I picked orange!) and they also even had mimosas on hand. The salon itself was HUGE and so spacious! Best of all, I was SO happy with my results that I will definitely be coming back. I'm going to share a fun event they're hosting for their grand re-opening at the end of the post, so all my Houston gals, be sure to keep reading..

self care activities

This is a before picture (selfie) of my hair on the left. I was feeling like my lighter pieces were getting too light, and the overall color needed to be blended better.

The gal who did my hair (Amy) put low-lights in my hair to achieve this and she also gave me a fabulous cut + style. Don't hair stylists they always style it the best?!?! I was so happy with the results and the OVERALL darker color. I feel like the color is so much more blended now and the low-lights really give it some depth + dimension. Look at me trying to use fancy words!! (She used them first lol) 

I love getting my hair done as a self-care activity, because it allows me to relax and have someone else PAMPER me. Most of the time, I feel like I'm running around like a crazy person trying to get things done, moving from one activity to the next and this gives me the permission to sit in a chair and have someone else make me look fabulous!! How amazing is that?! Learn to give yourself permission. It's not easy for some, but once you allow yourself to, you will learn to love yourself more


1. It helps us re-focus. If I'm stuck on a task or am not productive anymore, it might be time to take a break (and practice some self-care). Allow yourself to refocus on what you're trying to work past. Sometimes all you need is that small break to take your mind off the task, only to come back and complete it!

2. It can keep your stress in check. We all get stressed. I've been there, you've been there. Rather than running yourself dry, a great way to deal with stress is to practice a little self-care. It may seem counter-productive to take time for self-care when you're so busy and have so much to do, but I promise...the benefits of it will help you out in the long run and chances are, you'll feel less stressed after you're done than when you started. Just try to relax while doing it, is my only advice. And allow your mind to take a break from the stress.

3. It allows you to relax and enjoy yourself. When you're doing good for yourself, it feels good! Bottom line. Taking care of yourself is a great way to learn to love and appreciate YOU.

4. It helps prevent burnout. When life gets to be too much, sometimes we push ourselves to the limit and get burned out. I will sometimes be busy running errands and with the kids, all day long and realized I haven't sat down to eat lunch. (And wonder why I feel tired and run-down). Taking time for yourself and practicing self-care can help prevent becoming burned out from your daily activities and things you need to get done.

5. You learn to love yourself and give yourself permission to take care of your body. Love your body. You only get one. Take care of it, take care of yourself. 


Now that you know that getting my hair done is one of MY favorite activities, I'd like to give you a few more ideas, so that you can start practicing self-care right away! It truly does take some conscious effort especially if you are not used to treating yourself, but I promise once you allow yourself to do so, you will be feeling much more refreshed + appreciated!

self care activities
  1. Get your nails done
  2. Read a book (for fun, not learning!)
  3. Watch your favorite TV show/movie
  4. Eat healthier! 
  5. Excercise! 
  6. Go shopping (if it's relaxing and you enjoy it)
  7. Get a massage
  8. Take a hot shower or bath!
  9. Listen to music you enjoy
  10. Go lay in the sunshine!
  11. Stare up at the clouds in the sky (sounds weird, but when's the last time you did this?)
  12. Meditate
  13. Aromatherapy (like burning your favorite candle)
  14. Dance!
  15. Do something you've always wanted to do
  16. Take a nap!
  17. Journal your thoughts and feelings
  18. Unplug from technology (this is something I need to practice!)
  19. Deep breathe
  20. Do something just because it makes you happy (Starbucks, anyone?
  21. Stretch
  22. Have a good laugh (watch your favorite comedian!)
  23. Ask for help
  24. Ask a few friends what they love about you!
  25. Splurge a little, but yourself that something extra because it makes you feel good!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. I really enjoyed writing this for you guys!

self care activities

Again, thank you to Josephine' for allowing me to come in and get my hair done. Although they provided me with a complimentary cut + color, all ideas and opinions are my own, as always!

For all my Houston peeps! If you want to pop into Josephine's Salon on Eldrige (it's truly soo beautiful and elegant!) you can get $20 off any service that is over $40 with the code VIP20! They are also hosting a huge Grand Re-Opening Event on March 21 from 5-8 pm (after experiencing thigh-high water for 10 days during Hurricane Harvey last year.)

Pop in to see their salon, bring a friend and practice some SELF-CARE! ;) There will be food, champagne, music and special packages for purchase! They're also GIVING AWAY blowouts for a year (3 winners, valued at $500) and a skin and neck treatment (1 winner, valued at $1500)

Thanks for reading guys and ya'll have a great weekend!

PS...Doesn't my hair look amazing!! It totally helped with my self-esteem + I was walking around much more confident after getting it done! Total win!

Now go and get yours done....

xoxo, jodi











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