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Five Stores You Need to be Shopping At!

Five Stores You Need to be Shopping At!

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Hi friends, and Happy Wednesday!!!

Today I'm talking all about which stores you should be shopping at to save you lots of MONEY!!! Stores that always have those major deals and sales. Sooo...y'all know that I like to shop sale and clearance racks, and although H&M, Forever 21, Shein, ASOS and all those other good stores are seriously my go-to's, there are also other ones that have really great stuff for extremely cheap, too! Ones that you may not think about...

Sidenote: My amazing white faux fur coat was from one of these places and I scored it for only $25!!! Definitely my most-worn item this winter. You can read my first blog post on it here, although the coat is sold out :(

The five stores that I'll be talking about today are ones that people often forget about, BUT they run some of the best deals I've seen and offer discounted items literally all the time. I will also be telling you EXACTLY what categores I like to shop at for each store. I wanted to share my tips with you, so y'all can join in on the fun of saving MONEY! Because let's be honest, who doesn't like to do that?! #AMIRIGHT

I wrote this post so that you could browse on your own by certain categories, rather than me searching for exact items for you. Let me know if you like this at the end, or if you'd rather me pick items for you.

Anyways, let's get started! 




five stores you need to be shopping at
five stores you need to be shopping at
five stores you need to be shopping at
five stores you need to be shopping at

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1. Burlington Coat Factory- This is where I purchased the fabulous white faux fur coat for $25! First off, let's get something straight from the get-go. Although Burlington has an amaaaazing coat selection for all ages, they do NOT only sell coats! They sell much more! I love to shop at Burlington Coat Factory in-store. What I look for in-store is coats, kids clothing, and jewelry/purses/accessories for me. Burlington also offers merchandise online as well. I have never bought anything online, but their selection looks great and they offer free shipping over $75. If I were online shopping, I would look at Boys Clothing and Girls Clothing. To find the best deals, search under "Clearance" and sort by Price- Low to High. I would recommend filtering by size to look for only the kids' sizes you are looking for, and that's my secret to finding the best deals! I would also look at Handbags and Earrings from Burlington.

Sidenote: I  got featured on one of Burlington Coat Factorys blog post and you can read that here. Like whhaaat! That was pretty cool! Anyways...

2. Marshalls & TJ MaxxTHESE ARE BY FAR TWO OF MY FAVORITES!! I put them together because Marshalls is not online (but TJ Maxx is) and they are affiliated with each other. If you have a Marshalls nearby, you must go to one soon! I always find the best deals here. At Marshalls, I like to shop for home decor, women's activewear, women's purses, women's shoes, and all the soaps/lotions/body washes. I don't go to TJ Maxx a whole lot (or I haven't recently), but when I do I usually find kids clothing, toys and anything from the women's dept! TJ Maxx online has a great Home Section with such affordable pricing! They also have a really great Athleisure Category. I kind of want everything lol! Be sure to check out their Flats for spring, and of course....(as always) browse the Clearance section!! Again, filter price low-high is my recommendation and see what you find! :) TJ Maxx offers free shipping over $89 online.

3. JC Penney- Well, JC Penney is having a HUGE winter sale right now, where if you spend $100, you get 60% off + other amazing deals as well, including an extra 25% off sale + clearance items. The sale only goes through today, so be sure and act today to save LOTS! My husband gets most of his clothes for work here. I would definitely search the Men's Clothing if you have a man in your life. They have great mens stuff, especially workwear. They also have a great Women's Activewear section and everything is additionally discounted for the sale. Be on the lookout for these major sales from JC Penney, because this is where you'll get the most bang for your buck! And be sure to check the top of the webste for any applicable codes. The one going on for this particualar sale now is Code "FORYOU67"

4. Kohls- Kohl's clearance rack is literally one of my favorite places ever because I have found shirts for, like, $3 before that were regularly $60 or so! If you have a chance to go into a Kohl's store, be sure to pass by the clearance racks! Men, women, and childrens clearance racks too! Sometimes with these, it can be hit or miss, but it's defintely worth checking out if/when you are there next time! I also shop Kohl's online as well. My favorite things to get from Kohl's are anything Beauty (see my absolute favorite lip gloss from Kohl's here), Boys and Girls Clothing (kids pajamas are our favorite from here!) For women, they again, have a good Workout Section and be sure to again, check out their Clearance! I also have really good luck with their Handbags. LAST TIP: Download the "Retail Me Not" app to try out any coupon codes for Kohl's online. They almost ALWAYS have some percentage off of the total, so you don't want to miss out on this! Bonus savings if you enroll in a Koh'ls Charge credit card! 

5. Ross- So, ROSS does not have an online store, but if you go inside, you can find some crazy good deals! I think some people are hesitant to go into ROSS sometimes, but I have had really good luck finding things at ROSS. I think ROSS has a great selection of dresses (I've found summer maxis there before) and also purses and shoes! So don't pass by this store next time you're out and about. It never hurts to pop in and browse to see what they have!

I hope this post helped you guys out so that now you know of at least five more stores that should be able to save you money, even if you have to dig a little for the item you're looking for! Also: check out one of my older posts for tips on in-store vs online styling! 

What's YOUR favorite store to save big money at? I'd love to know yours, so we can all help each other out! :)

Also, I may gather my favorites from all of these places, and put them on the blog..Is that something you would be interested in, rather than you browsing yourself? Please let me know below! 

Have a great rest of your week, guys! 


xoxo, jodi


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