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Starting the BBG Program + my FREE Weekly Fitness Log!

Starting the BBG Program + my FREE Weekly Fitness Log!

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Hey babes and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I feel like I don't get to say that much on the blog since my normal posts are usually on Wednesdays. Buuut since Wednesday has obviously come and gone, HELLO FRIDAY!

Fitness Friday! Is that a thing? 

As some of you may know, I'm planning to start BBG on 3/5/18, and I CANNOT wait! Sounds sick, right? I know, lol. I'm just sooo ready to get toned again. The last time I did BBG, I got such amazing results and winter has left me slightly heavier than I'd like to be, so insert BBG. I'm mostly trying to work on toning defining my muscles, especially my abs!

Today I'm going to be talking about what is BBG, how you can purchase it, equipment needed, and tips I have for the program. Basically, everything you need to know BEFORE you start the program.


{Btw, I'm really hoping a handful of you start BBG WITH me on March 5th. I promise you will not be disappointed} 


In case you guys didn't know, I started a separate Instagram account for my fitness posts, and this is where I'll be posting a lot of my BBG content at. You can follow along here for fitness inspiration + motivation from yours truly! 

starting bbg, bbg weekly fitness log
starting BBG, free weekly fitness guide
starting bbg, free weekly fitness log
A7R05234.jpgstarting bbg, free weekly fitness log
starting BBG, free weekly fitness log
A7R05240.jpgstarting bbg, free weekly fitness log

Photos: TimeWave Productions | Houston, TX


What is BBG?

It's a 12-week program, intended to get you bikini body ready! BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide. It was made by Kayla Itsines and she is basically the fitness queen in my opinion.

I stuck with this program last spring for ten weeks, and I'm determined to finish the full 12 this time around. I won't go into detail about what's included in the workouts since I describe it in this blog post. Just know that it works! I saw some incredible results, which are explained in the blog post.


Sweat App or eBook?

So, how can you purchase the program? There are two ways. You can download the Sweat app from the app store for about $120 annually to have on your mobile device, which I have heard great things about! Or you can go to Kayla Itsines' website and purchase the eBook in PDF format for $55 (Week 1-12 only). The subsequent weeks are also availalbe to purchase, like Weeks 13-24

Things to keep in mind with the Sweat App: You won't have access to the workouts AFTER your one-year subscription is up...unless you renew after that one year. Once it expires, the workouts are gone. It is very interactive and includes videos of each exercise (great if you're a first-time BBG-er!) From what I understand, it also includes a timer (you will need this), her meal plans, checkmarks when you've completed days, and you can even track water intake. I have never used the app, but I hear it's pretty ah-mazing!

Things to keep in mind with the eBook: You will have access to it forever. It's an immediate download that is sent to your inbox and I would recommend printing it out. It is not as interactive and you have to do a little more research on how to do some of the moves, but it's pretty easy to figure out with Google and YouTube these days. 

ALSO: you can trial BBG for FREE for seven days on the app! If you don't know what it's all about, you could try going that route to see if you like it!

I'm still unsure if I'm going to purchase the app or stick with my eBooks. I really want to try the Sweat app, and I think it will help with staying motivated, but it is a little pricey if I'm being honest. Probably totally worth it, though. We'll see and I'll keep you updated!


Equipment Needed to Start BBG:

You don't need too much equipment for BBG. But there are a few basics you will need (almost immediately) which is why I'm telling you in plenty of time, so that you can purchase before we start on March 5th! 

  1. JUMP ROPE: You will need this from pretty early on, so make sure and have one by the time you are ready to start! I have this one on Amazon and it works just fine. You don't need anything fancy. 
  2. YOGA MAT: I would also highly recommend one of these, as there are plenty of floor exercises and you are on your elbows a fair amount. You could use a towel if you're staying on a budget, but you will have sore elbows, warning! I'd go ahead and just get a mat. I also take it outside when I want to do BBG outside, so it's just a good piece of equipment to have.
  3. WEIGHTS: You will definitely need some weights to start out with as well.  We have our own weight set at home, but I found these at a reasonable price and you can choose which weight you want. I use anywhere from 7.5-10 lbs for these workouts, depending on the exercise.
  4. ANKLE WEIGHTS: This is absolutely not needed, but I think I'm going to try these for some of the leg moves. I saw Kayla Itsines was wearing a pair in one of her videos, so I guess I thought I needed some, hhahha! I would also use these walking on the treadmill or outside as well.
  5. BENCHES (2): Not needed, but she recommends them on her site, so it's worth mentioning. As you get into the higher weeks, she requires some moves where she says you need two benches. I never had any when I did BBG for the first time, and you can always try and "make-do" with something at home if needed. Otherwise, just do something similar to the moves as you get up there and you'll be just fine.
  6. PLYOMETRIC BOX: Again, not necessary, but I love ours! You could use a chair (but please be careful and NEVER attempt something that is unsafe) or an ottoman, or even a stack of books. Basically, you need something that you can jump up onto, but it NEEDS to be stable. If anyone has a hubby that likes doing projects, this would be a pretty easy thing to mak (for a handy man hehe) Be creative, but always, always be safe! 
  7. YOUR PHONE: You'll need to set a timer 4 separate times during each workout, so the easiest way I've found to do that is to do it from the clock on your phone and set the timer for seven minutes each time. Super easy and it will alarm when your seven minutes is up. Remember if you buy the app, it has a timer included!
  8. WATER BOTTLE: I have this one in white and it's my favorite! It keeps things super cold, even when it's hot out. You're going to need water, trust me. This is a bit pricey, but I wanted to link it for you since I do use this one. 
  9. BOSU BALL: I don't know what this is and I never used it, so I really wouldn't worry about this, lol. I'm sure you could come up with something around the house for it.
  10. KETTLEBELL or MEDICINE BALL: You could also just use your weights for this; but maybe consider getting a heavier weight, like 15-20 lb. weights for the moves that require this. Your 5-10 lb. ones will probably be way too light to effectively perform these moves. These moves will mostly be for squats, so larger muscle groups, which is why you can go higher in weight.


My Tips for Being Successful with BBG:

  • Track your progress! This means taking pictures BEFORE you start. Take a picture of your front, side, and back. I know you may not want to, but it will be very important later on that you did this, so we can compare your AMAZING results! I'm going to try and take weekly pictures in the same outfit, so I can compare, and I plan to share those with you guys on my fitness Instagram account
  • What are your goals? Is it weight loss? Is it toning? Is it to lose body fat? Think about this BEFORE you start, so you can keep this in mind as you're going through the program! My goal is to lose 6-10 pounds, cut my body fat. and tone up.
  • 80% Diet/20% Fitness. Does this surprise you? The key to weight loss is 80% in your diet and only 20% fitness. Basically, this means that just because you're exercising heavily during this program, does not mean that you can eat ALL the bad stuff ALL the time. Try to eat lean protein, good carbs, fruits and veggies, whole wheat grains to fuel your body and give it all the nourishment it needs and deserves! Kayla has a meal plan that comes with the app or you can purchase a bundle with the eBook. I did not purchase it since I feel like I have a fairly good grasp on my diet. Totally up to you though! I'm sure she has some great recipes and advice in there! You can see all of her options for eBooks to purchase here.
  • Lastly, PLAN your workouts!!! This means, write them down and be specific! When are you going to do your leg workout? Your arms/abs? Your LIIS? Your total body? I have to mix mine up all throughout the week because of my work schedule, but I make sure to get them all done during the week, even if it means I have to do legs and total body back-to-back days. Do what you gotta do!


Get your FREE Weekly BBG Fitness Log!

I made you a weekly BBG log so that you can plan and keep track of all of your workouts each week! With this, you can write out which day you're doing each workout, which week you are on, and what activity you did for LIIS or HIIT.

I actually love the way it turned out, and I'll be using it to plan my workouts each week! You can also track your weight or body fat or whatever your goals may be on this sheet. This is YOUR log. Do whatever works for you. You can sign up for it here and be sure to check your email afterward to confirm your subscription! Once it's in your inbox, I would go ahead and print 12 of them, one for each week, so you're all ready to go!

That's it, guys! Comment below or email me if you have any questions at all! And let me know if you've done BBG before and what kind of results you saw with it!

Happy weekend!

xoxo, jodi






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