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My New Years Resolutions for 2018

My New Years Resolutions for 2018


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Hey guys!!!! AND...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Can you believe we made it to 2018. Like, whoa!! 

Today I'll be talking about my personal New Years Resolutions (or goals) for the year 2018. This time of year is always suuuuper exciting to me because it's a fresh start and a new beginning. I love that feeling!

I'll be honest with you and say...New Years definitely snuck up on me this year. I wasn't very prepared (still slowly getting there), hence the New Years Resolution post on January 3rd, right!? Which is by the way...TODAY is my dad's birthday....so, HAPPY BRITHDAY, DAD!!!! I love you!

Let's just jump into it, shall we?


My 2018 New Years Resolutions:

  1. Drink three of my water bottles a day. I have gotten soooo bad at fulfilling my water intake that it is OUT OF CONTROL. I just got this new water bottle, which I love. It's 32 oz. and my goal is to finish at least three bottles of water per day. Luckily, the planner I got (pictured above) has a section to keep track of my daily water intake, so I'll be able to stay on top of it there. Cheers! Anyone else with me on this one?
  2. Read at least 10 minutes per day...ideally before bed, but any time will do! One of my favorite hobbies as a kid was reading (Nerd alert...I know!) I rarely make time for reading anymore, and I miss it! I'm going to keep my book on my nightstand and hopefully read before bed, or if I have ten minutes in the day, pull it out and start reading right then and there. Lately, I'm into success books. Books I've read lately have been this, this and this. All highly recommended!! I always want to keep learning and I think reading is the best way for me. I also have this book light that hooks onto my book to read easily at night in bed. 
  3. Be happy with my body weight. Ideally, lose 10 pounds from now throughout the year.  I know this may seem silly, because I'm training for a half-marathon and work out all the time, but I do struggle with body image issues and self-confidence. I think it's important to not assume that women who are fit and healthy are automatically happy with their body. I'm learning to love my body how it is, but I have slipped a little in terms of diet this winter and would like to get back to the weight I was before we took our trip to Jamaica (read post here), which was about 7-10 pounds lighter than I am now. By the way, I'm hoping to talk more fitness on Hey Jode this year, so be sure and stay tuned for that! Do you dig that?
  4. Remember that family priorities come first. It's so hard to juggle family responsibilites, work, blogging, house tasks, and all other aspects of life. Can I get an AMEN?! I have come to realize that family stuff comes first, which is sometimes extremely difficult to actually do, because it is hard to turn "off" my creative thoughts. They constantly are running through my head, but I have to make a conscious effort to turn them off when I'm with my family and let my family come first. I am not perfect, but I am a wife and mom first. I know this...but sometimes I need a good reminder. To help with this, I'm keeping my family/life planner separate from my blogging planner this year, and I'm hoping that will help out! Life planner linked above and blogging planner was a cheap monthly calendar from Target ;) 
  5. Planning out my week on Sunday nights. I used to do this and it was so efficient in not wasting time during the week figuring out what I was going to do each day. On Sunday nights, I plan to get both my planners out (life and blog) and write what I need to do EACH DAY of the week. I have come to realize, if I don't write it down...it doesn't happen. I plan to write out laundry, cleaning appliances, Roomba schedule, and picking up the house. I also plan to write out running errands, grocery lists, meal plans, exercise, water intake, "must do's" for the day, etc. etc. It is absolutely CRUCIAL for me to plan Sunday night, and if I can't do it Sunday night, then either early Sunday morning or Saturday night. It just makes going into Monday morning so much better by KNOWING what you're doing and not having to figure it out. By the way, the life planner I have makes it so you can do all of this. This planner is AH-MAZING and I'm beyond excited to start using it! Also included on Sunday nights is: bringing stuff to the car that needs to be taken somewhere (maybe an in-store return or a post office item), placing all coupons in wallet or car that I plan on using, getting kids' preschool stuff ready for the week, and doing anything else I need to do to prepare for the week. This is also "my time" as I actually enjoy doing this. I also plan to plan weekly for the blog during this time as well. 
  6. Do at least one planned activity with kids per week. This could mean going to the library, going to the park, having a picnic, having a playdate, going out for breakfast. Just something. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. I want to try to do some new things with the kids that we can experience together while they are young. If anyone has any ideas for us to do, please send them my way! They are pretty easily entertained and low maintenance, so I think we can easily find some fun things to keep us occupied! I also plan to write these in the planner, so I can keep track of what our activity is for that week. 
  7. Wear more things from my closet (as opposed to buying new all the time). I'd like to be better and mixing and matching pieces and finding multiple ways to wear one piece, instead of buying new all the time. This will diversify my sense of style AND help us save money :) I love to dress pieces up AND down, so this sort of feels like a challenge for me. BRING it ON! Haha!

I actually have ALOT more that I want to do, but these are a good start for now! I haven't included any of my blogging goals in this list, as I have listed those separately. These are more of MY personal goals in life and with my family. I'd love to hear your guys' goals for this year! Are some of them similar to mine? Or way diffferent? Comment below! 

Wishing you all the best in 2018 and sending many blessings and well wishes to you and your family! Thanks for being YOU. You are amazing! But you already knew that, right? ;)

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed today's read!!






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