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A Peloton Alternative: My Affordable Guide to Spinning at Home

A Peloton Alternative: My Affordable Guide to Spinning at Home

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Howdy friends!

Ever wanted a Peloton bike? Yah, me too.

Until I saw the price tag...Yikes!

Now, don't get me wrong, I have heard nothing but amazing things about the Peloton bike, and I promise I am not here to bash it!  The people who have them absolutely love them. It's just not in my budget to pay close to $2,000 for an indoor spinning bike.

So, a couple months ago, my husband and I were on the hunt for an alternative Peloton method. I needed an option that allowed me to get a similar experience, but for a fraction of the price! Trust me, it can be done. And I'm about to tell you exactly how...

For those unfamiliar with the Peloton experience, the Peloton bike basically allows you to have an indoor cycling studio in your home by offering you an indoor bike with a screen that has both live and on-demand classes. It gives the experience of being IN the class, only you're not. You're at home. On your own schedule. But getting access to any and all classes with live instructors right in front of you. Genius!

Pretty cool, right? I know.

But the price tag is not so cool.

Today, I'm going to tell you exactly how I spin on a budget at home, all while still getting the same Peloton experience. Are you ready? Sit tight, cuz here we goooo....


My Alternative Peloton Method:


The spinning bike:

My husband and I bought this spinning bike for under $300 and could not be happier. It has a smooth feel to it, is a fraction of the cost of the Peloton bike, has a water bottle holder, clips for your feet and pretty much all the standard stuff any other spin bike has! It has great reviews and is an Amazon's choice! There are many different models of this brand of bikes, and this is our exact one. Compared to $2000, it's a no-brainer!

If you're looking one that is even more budget-friendly, this one is a great option. I cannot speak for the quality of this one, but it is made by the same brand and about half the price! 

peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home
peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home
peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home


The Peloton app:

Okay, that's great Jodi...sooo, now how do we get the classes to us?

Well, the REALLY great thing about Peloton (and what most people don't realize) is that they have an app AND...you do not need the Peloton bike to get access to the classes! Literally, anyone can buy it.

Yes, you do need to pay for it. But, it's totally worth it! For around $12/month you can get unlimited access to all classes (much cheaper than any gym membership) and you can start off with a 14-day free trial to test it out. Once you download the app, you have access to up to 14 LIVE classes every day as well as over 4,000 on-demand classes. The classes stream directly to your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV! You can download the Peloton app here. (Sidenote: Even if you buy the Peloton bike, you STILL have to pay for the app....it does not automatically come with the bike.)

The Peloton app allows you to search by class length, instructor, theme, difficulty, etc. It also lets you save your favorite workouts after you complete them if you'd like. I have ridden with a lot of different instructors, and they are all bada$$, lemme tell you! You will definitely get your workout in, and if you don't...well, it's your own fault. End of story.

For added confirmation on how GREAT the app is, read reviews in the app store because this app comes very highly recommended! It is 4.5/5 stars and has soo many good reviews. Basically, I'm obsessed with this app, and I think you should be too! Especially if you're someone who can never get to the gym, wants to take classes on your own schedule (not someone else's, a busy mom, a working woman, etc. etc.)

peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home
peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home


Equipment Needed for my Spinning Bike:

  1. Tablet Mount for Bike- We use our iPad for the Peloton app on and our iPhone to monitor our cadence. So technically you should have two devices; one to read the app and one to monitor your cadence. This device is easy to install on the handlebar of the bike.
  2. Bike Phone Holder- We use our phone for to monitor our cadence with the Wahoo app and this device hooks right onto the bike.
  3. Cadence Sensor- If you get one thing from this list, get this. The instructor will tell you what RPM you need to be at, and this is the only way you can measure it. The bike does not come with a built-in cadence sensor. This basically hooks around the pedal of the bike and monitors your cadence through an app on one of your devices. Super easy to install!
  4. Bike Seat Cushion- Probably not necessary, but definitely helps with comfort and only $10.
  5. Heavy Duty Mat- This size is perfect for the bike we have and will protect your floor or carpet with extended use.
peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home
peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home
peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home


Other Gear to Use While Spinning at Home:

  1. Bluetooth Speaker- A "must" for me because I blast the music on the Peloton app way up (Did I mention how good the music is on the rides?!) and this speaker has such good  sound!
  2. Full-length Mirror- Another 'must" for me because I HAVE to see myself when I workout.  I don't perform nearly as well if I cannot see myself. Anyone else?! 
  3. Water Bottle- So, this water bottle does NOT fit into the drink holder on the bike, but it's a favorite of mine and I just set it on the treadmill next to my bike during workouts. Had to share it with you because it's that good! I have the 32 oz. in white. And the straw is a game changer! lol!
  4. Cycling Shorts- So these are again, not necessary, but if you've ever sat on a bicycle for an hour without padded biking shorts, you know how uncomfortable it can be! My in-laws got me these for Xmas and they have been a lifesaver! I'm not going to lie: you feel a little bit like you are wearing diapers (ha!), but it's totally worth it! Your bum will thank you later :)
  5. Cycling Shoes- You definitely do not need cycling shoes and I don't have them! I just wear my regular old tennis shoes, but these will help with grip and I like the look and color of these! I added them because some people will only spin with spinning shoes. I'm not that serious..yet! ;) 
peloton alternative; guide to spinning at home


My Tips on Spinning at Home:

  • If you have kids, I recommend doing it when they're asleep or someone is home who can watch them! YES, you are absolutely capable of doing it while they're in the room with you, but it gets a little dangerous and not-so-fun when they're crying for something...if you know what I mean!
  • Start slow. start with 30-minute classes and work up to longer!
  • Worth mentioning: If you haven't cycled before, I would definitely recommend doing a live class at a local studio to see if you actually like it before committing to buying the equipment at home! 
  • Find an instructor that you like! I have a couple from the ap that really push me and get me going. My husband has different ones that he likes! Find the ones you like to ride with!
  • Monitor your heart rate and stay safe! I use my Fitbit (mine is on sale right now!) and am constantly tracking my heart rate. If it gets too high for me, I back off.
  • Don't be afraid to dance! The music is good, guys. Like...really good. Dance while you spin. Nobody's watching!
  • Have fun and get it done. Get your workout in, but also have fun with it! Pick whichever music you're feeling for the day! 

This post was a little lengthy, but I hope I at least got you thinking about an alternative method to the Peloton bike. Let me know if you have any questions at all and be sure to follow me on Instagram because I am usually posting part of my spin workouts at home to my Instagram Stories.

Happy Wednesday guys and thanks for stopping by!


xoxo, jodi



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