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Polyvore + Black Mules Under $50

Polyvore + Black Mules Under $50

HEY GUYS! AND HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Not yelling. Just excited that you're here. 

First of all, can we talk about the fact that it's 11:26 pm Tuesday night, and I'm just now starting this blog post..eek! The pressure! No worries, though, guys. I got this! Plus this post should be short and sweet! This post is a tad different than my others, as it will just be meant to inspire you (and shop if you'd like).


Second of all, have you guys heard of Polyvore? I used Polyvore to create this beautiful collage of mules (pictured below) and you will be able to shop ALL OF THEM at once by accessing my link to Polyvore! It's basically a place for creators to create content for readers to be inspired, so it works both ways! You can simply sign up and browse. No need to create if it's not your thing!

It's available as an app, so you can easily access it from your device, and they have SO much selection! I'd love to continue creating collages like this to inspire you guys. I'm such a visual person, so this works good for me...plus it was super fun to tap into my creative side! 

On my Polyvore account, I linked some basic black mules, as well as some spunky ones for all you gals out there who love a little embellishment or embroidery. There are some GREAT options for fabulous prices! Style tip: I would definitely let your shoes do the talking if you're going the more spunky route! Keep the rest of the outfit simple (think plain tee and jeans) and add the embellished or embroidered shoes for some fun! Make sense? Basically....you don't want your items to compete with each other. 

So which are you? Basic or not-so-basic? I can be either, depending on my mood! :) All of these black mules are under $50 and some are even priced under $20. Another great thing about Polyvore is that once you create an account, you can follow other peoples boards! So if you join today, be sure to connect with me over there! My name is heyjodeblog and you can find the link here: https://heyjodeblog.polyvore.com. There are some amazing people on there who create really beautiful boards and it's such a great way to be inspired!

Disclaimer: You cannot click on shoes below to shop. You must click on my Polyvore account above to be directed to shop these ones pictured.

polyvore, black mules under $50



So let's talk about mules. They are SUPER trendy right now and they WILL definitely be sticking around for fall. This post was inspired by my Instagram post yesterday with my daughter and I. Photo is posted below. How adorable is she?! Serious heart-eye emojis. I was wearing these amaaazing black mules from Kohl's. They are fully stocked in all sizes and only $20. These are a basic shoe that will pair great with jeans this fall. I cannot wait to wear mine more! They are super comfy, too, which is an added bonus! So....I linked the wrong ones yesterday on IG (blogger fail, I'm soo sorry), but I am 100% positive these are the right ones. AND they are fully stocked!

black mules under $50, polypore


That's it for today, guys! What's new with everyone? I am working extra this week (4 shifts instead of my normal 2), hence the 11:26 pm blog post, haha! But it's all good!!

If you haven't entered my JORD watch contest, you can read the post here and enter to win at the end for a chance to win $100 off a JORD watch of your choice! Everyone who enters gets $25 off. 

Thanks again for joining me today! I hope you loved the mules from today's post as much as I did. Be sure to connect with me over there! I'd love to see you.

Thanks again, and y'all have a great rest of the week! Any upcoming posts you'd like to see me blog about? Comment below if so.

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MORE BLACK MULES LINKED BELOW! All under $50! Simply click pic to shop! The first ones linked are my exact pair. And I'm wanting the second ones linked super bad! Can we talk about the pearl embellishments? Oh. They come in red too, and under $20!!! Umm need both colors actually... 

***This is not a sponsored post and I am not getting paid to talk about Polyvore in any way. I'm just a fan of it and wanted to share with you all. All ideas and opinions are my own***

xoxo, jodi

End of Summer Look: Pink Velvet Bodysuit

End of Summer Look: Pink Velvet Bodysuit

My JORD Watch + Transitioning into fall

My JORD Watch + Transitioning into fall