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6 Ways to Live a Carefree Life

6 Ways to Live a Carefree Life

denim dress, pink sunglasses, pink hair wrap, pink moccasins
denim dress, pink sunglasses, pink hair wrap, pink moccasins
denim dress, pink sunglasses, pink hair wrap, pink moccasins
denim dress, pink sunglasses, pink hair wrap, pink moccasins
denim dress, pink sunglasses, pink hair wrap, pink moccasins
denim dress, pink sunglasses, pink hair wrap, pink moccasins
denim dress, pink sunglasses, pink hair wrap, pink moccasins
denim dress, pink sunglasses, pink hair wrap

Photography credit: Brittney Berube Photography



Pink headwrap: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Mirrored sunglasses: Forever 21 (exact available in yellow) or Old Navy (similar in pink) | Denim A-line dress: Forever 21 (exact, wearing size M for reference) | Pink moccasins: Old Navy (exact, available in four colors)


Hi friends!

First off, how fun are these photos?! Brittney Berube Photography was a breeze to work with, and I just love how the photos came out. Today, I'm talking all about how you can live a carefree and happy life at any age by incorporating these six tips into your life! 

I want you to take a step back in time, and think about your five-year-old self for a minute....Deep breath. Close your eyes.......What did she enjoy doing? What made her happy? What sparked joy? Excitement? Okay, now remember these things. It's been said that many of the behaviors we had as kids, and many of the activities we enjoyed as kids can bring us happiness into our adult life. I have to say, I totally agree. What's funny is that I just recently figured this out for myself...Let me give you some examples.

As a child, I loved to dance and enjoyed creating my own dance routines to certain songs. I liked riding my bike, rollerblading, and playing basketball with the neighborhood kids. I liked to play card games. I enjoyed drawing and doing arts and crafts. I loooooved to play "office" and was obsessed with all office supplies and anything made of paper. Hence...all 597 notebooks laying around my house now, lol. Every one of them with a pretty cover ;) My best friend and I enjoyed making desserts using our own made-up recipes, and majority of them included chocolate chips, peanut butter, and marshmallows. LOL. 

What I believe this says about me is this: I like music. I like staying active and enjoy the outdoors. I'm competitive. I enjoy being creative with art. I'm still obsessed with anything paper. I even like the smell of it. Anyone else weird like me?!? Aaaannnd, I love sweets. 

So..now to YOUR five-year old self. Let's not only think about what you liked to do at age five, but also think about your behavior. Hopefully, it brings back good memories. I think majority of us might say we were pretty happy and lived a carefree life at this age. 

Unfortunately after reading this post,  I can't unrid you of all adult responsibilities such as bills, work, school, parenting, etc., etc. But I can help you tap into your five-year old self by giving you these six tips to help you start living a more carefree life today. Ready? Letsss gooooo!

1. Sing, dance, clap, jump. Move.

Let's be honest. Moving just feels good. Am I right?! If you're into music, crank up the stereo and sing, dance, or do whatever you need to do to show the world you don't give a crap what anyone else things of you. You're just gonna do you for this song. Be silly! Think about how you would be at age five. Guarantee you'll feel better afterwards! 

2. Don't be afraid to let your emotions show.

At five, we had meltdowns, right? Trust me guys, I have an almost five year old, ha! Point being....we weren't afraid to hold back and let our emotions show. What does this do? It validates our feelings, and gives us the right to feel our own emotions. On the other hand, get as excited as you did on Christmas morning when you're genuinely excited! It goes both ways. Don't be afraid to tap into your emotions. They are YOURS and you can own them. Nobody else can.

3. See the joy in little things.

I remember being so excited to watch "Bozo" on Wednesday afternoons with my mom after school. She had Wednesdays off at the time, and this was our time together. I remember washing my hair in the pouring rain with my dad underneath the gutter. I also loved going for "rides" in the car. Nowhere to go, just driving. These genuinely brought me joy and happiness. The thing we need to do as adults is SLOW DOWN and take a moment to enjoy these things. Otherwise they get overlooked into the hustle and bustle in life. So take a second, and truly see what small things make you happy.

4. Ask a lot of questions.

Don't ever stop asking questions. Learn as much as you can about whatever you may be interested in. Don't pretend you know everything. Don't be afraid to ask "silly questions". We would have never thought any questions were silly when we were five. We were truly asking what we didn't know. Don't let other peoples judgement slow you down from learning as much as you can in life. Knowledge is power!

5. Let your imagination run wild.

Dream big. (Or small). Build a fort and pretend its a castle. Play dress-up. Don't limit yourself. Start thinking outside the box. Don't just do things because they've always been done that way, or you've always done them that way. Try a new way! It's good for your brain to be creative. Is that left or right-sided brain? I feel like I should know...eek!

6. Change your mind whenever you want.

Something so liberating about this, right? One day I liked 17 bows in my hair, the next day I did not. One day, I liked wearing flip flops, the next day I did not. One day I liked tube socks, the next day I did not. You get the point, right? This taps into validating our feelings once again. Go with the flow. How do you feel? Own it.



I hope these tips pointed you in the right direction on how to live a more carefree and happy  life. I know sometimes I struggle with remembering these, as life just takes over. But let's all take a deep breath, and truly start acting like a kid again when life gets a little too serious. Let me know what kind of five-year old you were! And does it still ring true today?  

Hope y'all have a great Wednesday! The kids and I are planning on going to the zoo...if it doesn't rain, that is!


xoxo, jodi


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