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My Current Fitness Routine

My Current Fitness Routine

Hey y'all!

I've had a few requests to post my fitness routine, so I thought I'd share with y'all what I'm doing currently for my fitness, how I stay motivated, and what my fitness plans are for the future!

Let me start by saying I'm no personal trainer, fitness expert or doctor, as I have zero certifications of any kind in fitness. So please know YOUR personal limits, and always consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise program. 

fitness routine, motivated, fitness plans

I've always been really into fitness and working out. I played sports all through school, and then when I started college, I realized I needed to do it on my own, so I would go to the gym and do the elliptical mostly. I eventually got bored with that, and then got into running after college, as a way to stay in shape. Running is the majority of what I do now. I did one half-marathon in 2012 and hope to do one again someday. I loved it! 

I do change up my fitness routine ALL the time, so what I'm doing now may be be different than what I'm doing in six weeks, six months or a year. In that past, I have also done group classes (mostly spinning), as well as workout videos from home.

fitness routine, motivated, fitness plans

BBG- Bikini Body Guide:

So, back in March I started to notice I needed some toning. I'm more of a cardio-type girl, and running is what I've been doing for a while now, but it doesn't really engage specific muscles. Personally I don't really like to lift weights, as cardio is honestly just easier for me. But I realized I needed to start doing some lifting to define certain muscle groups. I was looking mostly to tone my booty, arms and abs. So after weeks of contemplating, I decided to try BBG by Kayla Itsines. I had heard really good things about it in the past and the results I saw online were amazing!! So, I thought, what the heck. It stands for Bikini Body Guide, and it's a 12 week program designed to give you bikini body results! We had our upcoming trip to Jamaica, so that was kind of the whole reason behind starting it. I swear I saw results after the first week of starting. Y'all, I think this workout is legit.

I'll give you a quick overview of it, so you know what it is. You have three 30-minute workouts a week that are given to you when you purchase the program for around $50. (FYI- You can usually find the workouts floating around online for free as well. But this takes a little bit more work getting them all together. I also found a girl who posted all her workouts on YouTube, so that was nice to follow along with her while I was doing the same workout as her. Just search on YouTube BBG Week 1, Day 1 to get started.) 

One day a week is legs/cardio, the next is arms and abs, and the last one is a total body workout. You have two circuits for 7 minutes each, then you repeat those two circuits. So, you complete four separate seven-minute circuits, so the workout is 28 minutes to be exact. On the other three days of the week you need to do a low intensity excercise. This can include walking, jogging, running, or even jumping rope. I always did running, since that's what I enjoy, but on days when I didn't feel like running, I just walked. That's it! 30 minutes a day! As you get further into the workouts, the low intesity exercises (LIIS) turn into high-intensity workouts (HIIT). I always took the 7th day off to recover, although I believe the program recommends stretching for that day. So you're working out six days a week, but only 30 minutes each day! It's very realistic. Now...the workouts are hard, and you will be sore for awhile, but....guys, the results are worth it!

fitness routine, motivated, fitness plans

So...I only completed ten out of the twelve weeks of BBG, but I am definitely going to do the full program at some point. For me it's not something I would do all the time, but when I feel like I need some muscle definition again. I saw muscles in places I never thought I had! Not joking. I noticed mostly in my abs, arms, legs, and booty. I definitely gained muscle in my booty, and could literally see it transforming each week, lol! Which is exactly what I wanted! Nobody wants a flat butt, am I right?! I ended up seeing some significant results. My body fat went from 27% to 22% and I ended up losing about 6 pounds in 10 weeks, but mostly I got that "toned look" in my abs, legs and arms AND also shaped my booty. I wish I had taken pics, but sadly I didn't :( Next time I will for sure!

Current fitness routine:

My current routine is treadmill HIIT workouts. I sprint for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds for thirty to fourty minutes three days a week. HIIT workouts are high-intensity interval training designed to get your heart rate up and burn fat. Don't do these every day, you only need three days a week of this. By the way, you should always be monitoring your heart rate and stay within a safe zone for you. I use my FitBit and absolutely love it! The other three days of the week I run 3- 4 miles, depending how I feel. I run at about a 10:30 min/mile pace. In total I try to work out six days a week. Now, things happen and life gets in the way, so Ill be honest with you guys..it doesn't always happen, and that's OKAY. I do aim for six days a week though.

Important if you're just starting out: start slow. You're probably not going to be able to run three miles as a beginner. Alternate between running and walking for 30 minutes, and do what you can do. Eventually you'll be able to build up to a continuous run. If I don't feel like running a certain day, I walk. No biggie.

fitness routine, motivated, fitness plans

What next?

So, my long-term fitness plan is to continue doing the HIIT and running for now. I want to do the BBG again when I start to feel like I need toning again, since I KNOW it works. And I talked about doing the Houston half marathon in January...Training for a half marathon is hard work and no joke, so I"m not quite sure I have the time, but we'll see :)

fitness routine, motivated, fitness plans

How I stay motivated:

  1. Have a goal in mind. Be specific. Are you trying to lose weight? Lose body fat? Tone? Target certain areas? Slim down overall? Always work towards that goal. Write it down and never lose sight. Make it realistic, measurable and obtainable. 
  2. Do you have a picture where you love how your body looks? Hang it up in your closet or bathroom, so you can look at it, and it will serve as motivation for you to get back there. This has helped with me in the past. I have a history of yo-yoing a bit with my weight and body shape, although I've been pretty consistent with my weight the past few years. Using a picture as motivation to where you want to be can be a great visual.
  3. Stay committed and be serious about working out. Don't just say you're going to do it and not actually do it. Be committed to your workouts, and stay dedicated. Don't start if you're not ready to do it 100%. Which goes into my next point...
  4. Plan your workouts. I write down what I'm going to do for the week, and checkmark when I've done them. It's important to pick a time of day that works best for you. I can never get up early in the AM to work out, so I usually do it sometime in the afternoon, when my little one is napping, OR when both my kids are at preschool before I get them. But I've also done them at 10 pm when everyone is in bed. Do what works for you and your schedule!
  5. Remember how good you feel AFTER your workout. I always feel my best directly after my workout. I get such a high after my workouts, and I always gain so much energy for the rest of the day after I workout. I find myself able to accomplish more tasks after my workouts are finished.
  6. Celebrate your accomplishments! If you meet your goal, decide if you want to stay there, or if you have a new goal in mind. But don't forget to celebrate once you've reached your goal. Treat yourself to something for yourself that you would enjoy, whether its food, a massage, a new pair of shoes, whatever. 
  7. Good music. Turn up your favorite jams, and get to it!!! Dancing burns calories, too, just saying ;)
  8. Cute workout clothes!!! My favorite stores to buy affordable workout clothes is Marshalls, Old Navy, Kohl's and Forever 21. Probably in that order :) I tend to stick to blacks, grays and whites for workout clothes. You can never go wrong with neutrals! Also...I also almost always buy the high-waisted leggings. Just feels better, in my opinion. My sports bra is from Marshall's. The leggings are Old Navy, and the shoes are Nike. My Fit Bit Charge 2 comes with me on all workouts, and I pretty much wear it everywhere. I love it how it tracks my heart rate constantly and I can see my workout "stats" after my workout is done. For this outfit...I have really similar items linked for you --> Shop my workout outfit here! Product links are also available at the end of the post.
fitness routine, motivated, fitness plans


So, along with fitness goes diet, right? I'm a believer that your weight depends 80% on diet, and 20% fitness. So, that means diet plays a much bigger role than excercise. I try to eat a high protein, low carb diet. My high protein foods are turkey lunchmeat, grilled chicken, egg whites, protein bars, cottage cheese, turkey bacon, and protein shakes. I try to get my carbs from veggies, like carrots, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach etc. When I do eat carbs other than veggies, I'll have whole wheat bread, oatmeal, an apple or banana, or other fruit. I try to avoid high fat carbs like donuts and other pastries. I get my fats through cheese, nuts, avocado, peanut butter, sunflower butter (so good if you haven't tried it!) and olive oil.

I also have a huge sweet tooth, so I allow myself a piece or two of dark chocolate a day, and lately the hubby and I have been treating ourselves to Halo Top ice cream at night, which is a high-protein ice cream that tastes amazing!!! Pretty pricey, though, that's the only downfall. My favorite flavors are Sea Salt Caramel, Lemon Cake, Cookie Dough and S'mores right now. You should check it out if you haven't heard of it! My point here is...there are good tasting things you can eat, that are also pretty healthy for you.

fitness routine, motivated, fitness plans

Let me know if you guys have any questions at all, whether it's with BBG or anything! I'm always happy to help.

Be the best version of YOU by staying healthy and fit. I'd love to hear your current fitness routine, your fitness goals, or what motivates you! Comment below if you want. Thanks for stopping by, as always!

xoxo, jodi

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