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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey lovelies! 

Well, as you all know, Mother's Day is right around the corner! Ahem...this coming Sunday for those of you unaware :)

In todays post, there's some things for the classic mom, some for the trendy mom, the mom who loves to entertain, and some for the mom who loves to pamper herself. I think I've just about covered all bases here, guys!

Ummmm and aren't moms just the BEST, by the way!? I love you, MOM!

Soooo, I have always believed Mother's Day is a day to celebrate ALL women, not just mothers. So, let's remember to treat not only your mother, mother-in-law, wife, and those you usually celebrate with......but let's also embrace women as a whole!

Some women can really have a difficult time on Mother's Day if they are physically unable to conceive, have gone through a miscarriage, lost a child, lost their mother, etc. So, let's remember THOSE women too, and how HARD Mother's Day will be for them.  Be sure to support them this Mother's Day, as well as your own mother.

Today, I'm going to link some easy and budget-friendly pieces you can get from Amazon for that special woman in your life! In case you've been procrastinating and haven't gotten anything yet, Amazon offers FAST and FREE shipping on qualified items with Amazon Prime. If y'all didn't know about Amazon Prime, it is seriously amaaaazing, and you definitely need to sign up for it if you haven't yet! You can start a FREE 30-day trial and learn more about signing up for it here.

I tend to stick to jewelry when it comes to Mother's Day gifts, because it's pretty safe, fits the same on most everyone, and who doesn't love to get jewelry, right!? You can click on the numbers or the actual pictures to be taken to the link to shop these items! Many of them come with different color options. I linked which colors I liked the best, but as always, you do you :)




ONE- 18K gold-plated ring

TWO- rose gold Kate Spade bracelet

THREE- kimono (love both the pink and red color)

FOUR- red tassel earrings (so trendy right now!)

FIVE- turquoise tassel earrings

SIX- real leather wallet (on major sale!) hopefully my husband is reading my blog, because i'm in desperate need of a new wallet, lol!

SEVEN- small straw clutch bag (perfect for summer)

EIGHT- "mom" engraved gold necklace

NINE- gold mules -for the spunky mom! also comes in other colors ;)

(picture unavailable...sorry guys! click on link above to see!


TEN- coach poppy perfume- i have this and looove the smell!

ELEVEN- eye shadow palette- looks very similar to the popular NAKED brand, but a fraction of the price! cannot speak for it, as i do have the NAKED brand, but has great reviews!

TWELVE- lorac lip gloss. i have "supermodel" and "dominatrix" (both linked). they're a little pricey for lipgloss, but they're my absolute faves :)

THIRTEEN- copper pineapple decor (for the entertainer!)

FOURTEEN- "mom fuel" coffee mug. ain't that the truth! #needcoffee

FIFTEEN- super cute brown leather watch (on major sale!)



xoxo, jodi




Ruffled black bodysuit

Ruffled black bodysuit

How to Pair Red and Pink Together

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