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How to style overalls

How to style overalls

Hey everyone!

Some of you may have seen this sneak peek on my Instagram, but I'm finally ready to talk all about overalls on this lovely Friday. So grab your morning cup of coffee, and listen up!

I'm super excited that overalls have made a comeback recently. It totally takes me back to, like, 7th grade, and now I'm wishing I would have saved mine from then :( Total bummer. Just goes to show you that all fashion trends come around full circle. I plan to keep all (okay, most) of my clothing for my daughter to hopefully wear some day!

There are actually a lot of ways to stye overalls, and one of the keys (in my opinion) is to NOT look like you're in 7th grade again. I mean, I guess that's always a goal, lol! But you know what I mean...You can accomplish this by adding some sophistication and details in other pieces of the outfit, depending on the "look" you're going for. The overalls are obviously your main item, but everything else should compliment the "look" you're trying to achieve.

I could see overalls being worn as a festival look (think boho, tassels, fringe...). I can also see them being worn for running errands (think comfort: casual tee + sneakers). I also think they could be a fun day date outfit (make it flirty and fun...think ruffles, and make it feminine). You could also go punk, if that's you're thing! (think vintage, distressed, rock concert-y). So many different options here right? Like I've said before versatility is a big thing when I buy a piece. Overall, overalls (ha, see what I did there) in my opinion can be styled so many ways, even by simply changing the shoes. Sneakers or heels, anyone?? Take your pick! And yes, you can totally dress overalls up with heels :)

I think the look I achieved with the outfit I'm wearing is a mix of the "festival look" and the "day date outfit". I realize not everyone is comfortable wearing crop tops, and honestly this was a bit of a reach for me. But, I thought I'd be brave and see what y'all think. It gives kind of that "cutout" look that is so trendy right now as well! 

Always, always wear what you are comfortable in. If you're not comfortable with what you're wearing, you won't wear it confidently, and honestly you're just going to feel awkward the whole day. And that's no fun for anyone! So, make sure you are comfortable in wearing the items you choose when you walk out the door.

About this specific outfit, I scored my denim overalls from Gap last year, so the exact style is unavailable. I think I paid around $50 for them. My crop top I got on the sale rack at Forever 21 for, like, $2. My shoes are on repeat, and available here. Seriously been wearing these a lot lately, and they go with almost everything! 

I'm going to link my top overall picks below,  AND how I would stye them to get the looks I talked about above. So sit back, relax, and...enjoy!

how to style overalls, crop top with overalls, overalls in summer
how to style overalls, crop top with overalls, overalls in summer
how to style overalls, crop top with overalls, overalls in summer
how to style overalls, crop top with overalls, overalls in summer
how to style overalls, crop top with overalls, overalls in summer
how to style overalls, crop top with overalls, overalls in summer

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

For all these looks, I'll link ONE pair of overalls, so you can see how you can get DIFFERENT looks with the SAME pair of overalls! I'll use these Free People ones, but these looks could work with any overall! 

LOOK #1- FESTIVAL LOOK- overalls | top | earrings, earrings | shoes (on major sale) | purse (also on sale!) | sunnies

LOOK #2- RUNNING ERRANDS- overalls | tee | earrings | sneakers | backpack | water bottle

LOOK#3- DAY DATE OUTFIT- overalls | tank | earrings | sandals | yellow purse

LOOK #4- PUNK- overalls | band tee or band tee | stiletto sandal | studded purse (on sale!) So.....my tip for this look is to let down one of the straps of the overalls, for a more laid-back look. Remember how we used to do it back in the day?! I also like it, so you can read those amazing logos on the band tees! I'm obsessing over band tees lately- I think they look so effortless!

Hope y'all enjoyed the post today! By the way, if you read my last post, just know that the kids and I made it to Iowa, and we are soooo excited to be here and spend time with family! The flight went really well. The kids were as good as I could have expected them to be. The last half hour was a little rough on everyone, I'm not going to lie, but it always is! I think we are all just ready to be off the plane at that point in time. (The passengers around us, too, ha!) 

We will be spending a week in Iowa, and you can follow along with us on my Instagram stories. By the way, my Pinterest page is here and my Facebook page is here, so make sure you're connecting with me on all platforms, as each one is a little bit different. 

Happy Friday to everyone, and have a wonderful weekend, okay? I'll be celebrating my baby sister graduating from high school all weekend long. Bring on the cake! Fun fact: She's going to the University of Iowa, which is where I graduated! I foresee some weekend visits this fall for football season :) Go Hawks!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, jodi

Q & A: Ten facts about me

Q & A: Ten facts about me

Ruffled black bodysuit

Ruffled black bodysuit