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Age 32: What I've Learned in the Last Year + Holiday Gift Guides

Age 32: What I've Learned in the Last Year + Holiday Gift Guides

age 32, what I've learned in the last year, holiday gift guide
IMG_0152.JPGage 32, what I've learned in the last year, holiday gift guide
IMG_0153.JPGage 32, what I've learned in the last year, holiday gift guide
age 32, what I've learned in the last year, holiday gift guide
age 32, what I've learned in the last year, holiday gift guide
age 32, what I've learned in the last year, holiday gift guide
age 32, what I've learned in the last year, holiday gift guide

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I am SO sorry I missed last weeks post, but I'm coming in hot with a lifestyle post for YOU. I turned the sweet little age of 32 last week, so I knew I wanted to do a birthday post for this weeks blog post. Since I really don't have the time or energy to think of 32 Things I've Learned So Far in my Life, like a lot of other bloggers do...I decided I would just reflect on this past year and what I've learned from age 31-32.

I will start by saying that I loooove my 30's way more than I thought I would!!! So everyone who is scared or downright terrified to turn 30.....it'll be okay. Promise. Age is literally just a number. My 30's have been my best decade yet, and I think they can be for you too! So just embrace your age....This goes for women of ALL ages, not just those who are about to turn 30. So here goes...


Ten Things I've Learned in the Last Year:

1. I'm starting to care less and less what people think of me.

I cannot 100% say that I don't care what people think of me because I do. However, I have gotten much more comfortable in my own skin and much more confident with age that I do not care what (most) people think of me. There are the occasional times that I get intimidated by someone or think I need to act a certain way, but 95% of the time, I'm just myself. And if people don't like it......Welp, oh well!

2. Change is a good thing. 

I used to be a creature of habit, but I can't really say that anymore. I have started to embrace change and actually really enjoy the learning curve that comes with it. What woulda thought?! There's something empowering about change once you master it and to me, that gives me a sense of accomplishment and a desire to learn more.

3. Making mistakes is okay. 

In fact, it's inevitable. You will make mistakes. Mistakes in life. Mistakes in relationships. It's okay. But LEARN from them. NEVER make the same mistake twice. Just don't be too hard on yourself....because mistakes WILL happen. My dad always told me just to do my best. And that's all anyone can ever ask of you. It has always stuck with me. #thanksdad

4. Family time is the best.

Take the time to spend it with those who love you for you. Your family and close friends know you best. They should be the ones you are surrounding yourself with. If you can't physically be near them because of location or what not, make sure you call or FaceTime them as often as you can. Their love is unconditional and that is the best type of love.

5. Taking time for yourself is refreshing.

Be sure to treat yourself every once in a while. Practice self-care. It's important. If this is hard for you, you need to be intentional about doing it. To start off with: Pick one thing a week that you're going to do to take time for yourself. Maybe it's a manicure. Maybe it's a facial. Maybe its grocery shopping with no kids :) Maybe it's a nap. Maybe it's Starbucks. Whatever you need....take time to do it. For you. You deserve it!

6. Smiling is contagious.

I have found when I smile at someone (a stranger even), they often smile back. It makes me feel better and who knows....you may have been the only person who has smiled at them all day long...and maybe, just maybe, you made their day!? Smile. It's good for everyone. And pretty harmless ;)

7. Sometimes things don't always work out as planned.

If you have a day planned, and things go all wrong and you get nothing done on your to-do list....it's okay. The world is not going to end. Save it for another day. Be sure to prioritze though, if you absolutely need to get things done. That way you will at least get those important tasks done before anything else.

8. Procrastinating may not be all that bad.

This may not be the best advice I have ever given out, but lately, I have been procrastinating. Yikes! I mean...I would not recommend it; however, there is a certain amount of pressure that is there and it may require you to buckle down and get things done once it's "crunch time." Do you feel me? I need to explore this one a bit more, and definitely need to plan better, but it's maybe not as bad as I once thought?!

9. Stand up for yourself.

Because nobody else will. Be more assertive. This is something I've had to intentionally work on myself. And I feel like I've gotten better. Do not let people take advantage of you. Because they will. Stand up for yourself. 

10. Happiness does not come from success. 

Yep, that's right. In fact, it's the opposite. Success comes from happiness. Happiness first. Then success. Find what makes you happy. Find what you are passionate about. Surround yourself with positive people and those who make you happy. Happiness will come. Happiness first. Success after. Happiness does NOT come from success. 


Holiday Gift Guides and More:

I hope yall enjoyed my quick list of things I've learned this past year. In other exciting news, It's Black Friday Week!!! And I have lots of gift ideas for YOU for the holidays. I always do the majority of my shopping on Black Friday online. Anyone else??? Gotta get those sales, amiright!? 

I have rounded up all things for you to shop easily! See my links below to start your shopping now. A lot of Black Friday Deals are going on now, so you can start early...


What's on your holiday wishlist this year??? :) :) :) Lemme know below!!! 

xoxo, jodi







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